8. May 2015

6 new certified TBB-Trainer-Assistants

Six new TBB-Trainer-Assistants were certied on 3rd of May in Toulouse:

  • Boillot, Francoise
  • Jeune, Ivanna
  • Jullien, Claudine
  • Lamachere, Herve
  • Le Monnier, Nathalie
  • Pintus, Jean-Luc

They all followed a minimum 30-hours weekend-course with TBB-Instructors Xiaofei Sui und Fabrizio Monga. In addition they have training consistenly with TBB-Trainer Stéphane Trompé ( at studio of 5 Animaux Toulouse.

9. Feb 2015

Championship in Macau 2015 June

The Macau Rouliqiu General Association invite for a championship which will be hold on June 24th and 25th, 2015.

7. Nov 2014

allroundplayer and trainercourse in The Netherlands in 2015-2016

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