Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Trainer Supervision 2010

The Supervision 2010 was hold in Berlin on 20th and 21st of February 2010.

This annual event is for certified trainers only. It give us the opportunity to have exchanges in techniqual methods and informations about new trends. The participation extends the Trainer-Licence for one year. Following trainers trom Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, England and Germany joined the Supervision 2010:

  • Göttert, Ingrid
  • Horn, Gabriele
  • Leminsky, Jan
  • Lentze, Maya
  • Lindemann, Thomas
  • Monga, Fabrizio
  • Oettler, Peter
  • Richter, Wolfgang
  • Richter, Dr. Edeltraud
  • Rigoli, Dino
  • Sheppard, Jack
  • Tuerkis, Thomas
  • Van Schoot, Jonn
  • Wilke, Frank

Die Supervsion was hold by the instructors Xiaofei Sui and Fritjof Nelting