Friday, March 26th, 2010

TBB-Trainer-Course 2007

The 1st European TBB-Trainer Course were hold by Prof. Bai and Instructor Sui and Trainer Ursula Walli. After two weeks ten new trainers get certified. They hat the oppotunity to get advises from the inventor and master. Also the certified trainers from 2005 and 2006 toke part for supervision.The following trainers has been certified:

  • Andrea Klieber
  • Eduardo Elias
  • Fritjof Nelting
  • Marita Oriolo
  • Maya Lentze
  • Michael Banuat
  • Peter Oettler
  • Roxana Russinger
  • Ulrike Schilbach
  • Yuko Fujimoto