Friday, March 26th, 2010

TBB-Trainer-Course 2009

The 3rd European Trainer Course in Dietfurt/Germany was succeeded with 7 new trainers under the inspection of TBB-Instructor Xiaofei Sui.

The new trainers are:

  • Dino Rigoli
  • Frank Sommerfeld
  • Frank Wilke
  • Karin Brezger
  • Ludwig Dirscherl
  • Michael Ritz
  • Nicoletta Jasenko

Mr. Fritjof Nelting has become the TBB-Instructor for the next 5 years after a exam in gaming and theory. He is the first male non-chinese, who became the Instructor. He was certified by TBBA and Prof. Bai Rong for his skills. Now he is permitted to give Trainer-Courses for the TBBA and in the name of Prof. Bai. He is the only TBB-Instrcutor next to Mr. Xiaofei Sui and Mrs. Ursula Walli in Europe.