Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Review: PRO-PLAYER and Trainer 2010

5 new certied TBB-Trainers were examed by the PRO-PLAYER-Course 2010 byFritjof Nelting (Instructor), Maya Lentze (Instructor i.A.) and Xiaofei Sui (Intructor). They made a great job in the exam.  The participants were:

  • Andreas Säuberlich (Germany, Baden-Württemberg)
  • Frank Ament (Germany, Hamburg)
  • Frederik Nelting (USA, New York)
  • Juan Martinez Moreno (Spain, Andalusia)
  • Thomas Lindemann (Germany, Berlin)

Also Nina Nelting and Frederic von Schledorn participated in that second week of the Pro-Player-Course. The following certified trainers participated in this week as Supervision:

  • Edeltraud Richter
  • Wolfgang Richter
  • Sören Philipzik
  • Volker Hoffmann
  • Udo Steilner
  • Eduardo Elias
  • Frank Sommerfeld