Monday, September 6th, 2010

Report: TBB Festival 2010

Everyone who took part in the 3rd European Taiji Bailong Ball Festival, which included the 3rd European Championships, had a hugely enjoyable time. The outstanding participants in the competitions were 12-year-old Marco Kuligowski from Berlin-Frohnau and the Ukrainian athlete Irina Rusavina. In an exciting Mulitplay Singles tournament, it was Fabrizio Monga who finally came through to win.

The results of the 3rd European Championships, 4/5 September 2010 in Berlin were as follows:

Soloplay Freestyle (Mixed age group):

  1. Irina Rusavina (Ukraine)
  2. Jonn van Schoot (Netherlands)
  3. Ursula Walli (Austria)

Soloplay Teams (Mixed age group):

  1. Irina Rusavina & Sergei Lushnikov (Ukraine)
  2. Gabriele Horn, Brigitte Behrendt, Petra, Marco & Andre Kuligowski (Germany)
  3. Doris Jahn & Sonja Häselbarth (Germany)

Multiplay Singles (Age group 2):

  1. Fabrizio Monga (Italy)
  2. Julian Nelting (Germany)
  3. Frank Sommerfeld (Germany)

Multiplay Singles (Age group 3):

  1. Ralf Zimmermann (Germany)
  2. Eduardo Elias (Portugal)
  3. Sabine Seidel (Germany)

Multiplay Cooperative (Age group 2)

  1. Julian & Fritjof Nelting (Germany)
  2. Richard Meier-Windhorst (U.S.A.) & Fabrizio Monga (Italy)
  3. Lars Michal & Cornelia Meier-Windhorst (Germany)

Multiplay Cooperative (Age group 3)

  1. Marco & Petra Kuligowski (Germany)
  2. Nils Gröger & Thomas Lindemann (Germany)
  3. Joaquim Pinto & Eduardo Elias (Portugal)

In addition to the competitions, our co-operation partner “Sport- und Gesundheitspark Berlin e.V.” held an open day, and there were workshops providing an opportunity for players to improve their skills. The festival was characterised by a spirit of happiness, fun and collaboration, even though there were lots of new and exciting things to see in the games. We’re already looking forward to the 4th Festival and European Championships. The venue will be announced in 2011 at the latest.

Many, many thanks to all the helpers, referees and spectators. And a special word of appreciation to the Organising Committee, led by Thomas Lindemann and Frank Sommerfeld, who did a fantastic job.