Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

New TBB-Instructor: Maya Lentze

de_201010_instructor_01 A new TBB-instructor has been certified. With Maya Lentze we now have the first TBB-Instructor from the Netherlands. Through her effort for Taiji Bailong Ball and the fulfilment of the requirements for an Instructor she passed the final exam in August 2010 [...]

Requirements for an Instructor are:

-        At least 2 years of experience as an TBB-Trainer with participation in the annual supervision

-        Given at least 500 lessons of Taiji Bailong Ball

-        Outstanding abilities in all disciplines

-        Ability of self-control and self-correction

-        Assistance in a full 80-hours TBB-Trainer Course

-        Ability to organize, empathy and teamwork

-        Complete theoretical knowledge


The founder of Taiji Bailong Ball, Prof. Bai Rong awarded her the certificate of the TBB-Instructor after the examination of her test results. From now on there is the possibility to offer official TBB-Trainer courses in the name of the TBBA e.V in the Netherlands.