Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Trainer Supervision and Week 1of2 of Pro-Player-Course

The first of two weeks of the PRO-PLAYER-COURSE was hold in the week during easter in Dietfurt/Germany. Instructor Xiaofei Sui and the articled Instructors  Cornelia Meier-Windhorst and Frank Sommerfeld has leaded the course. Also some Trainers joined that week for their annual Supervision.

The participants were:

  • Darko Domaijnko
  • Petra Kuligowski
  • Marco Kuligowski
  • Maya Lentze
  • Yuko Fujimoto
  • Karin Brezger
  • Michael Banuat
  • Sören Philipzik
  • Richard Meier-Windhorst
  • Shannon Ritz
  • Susanne Ritz
  • Mike Ritz
  • Beat Schmailzl

Die 2. Woche findet vom 7. bis 14. August 2011 statt.