Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

New TBB-Instructor: Jonn van Schoot

A new TBB-instructor has been certified. With Jonn van Schoot we now have the two TBB-Instructors from the Netherlands. Jonn is one of the first European Taiji Bailong Ball trainers and the pioneer in the Netherlands. Through his effort for Taiji Bailong Ball and the fulfilment of the requirements for an Instructor he passed the final exam in Oktober 2011.

Requirements for an Instructor are:

  • At least 2 years of experience as an TBB-Trainer with participation in the annual supervision
  • Given at least 500 lessons of Taiji Bailong Ball
  • Outstanding abilities in all disciplines
  • Ability of self-control and self-correction
  • Assistance in a full 80-hours TBB-Trainer Course
  • Ability to organize, empathy and teamwork
  • Complete theoretical knowledge

The founder of Taiji Bailong Ball, Prof. Bai Rong awarded him the certificate of the TBB-Instructor after the examination of his test results. From now on there is the possibility to offer official TBB-Trainer courses in the name of the TBBA e.V.

We congratulate him with his Instructors certificate. And the special remark of Prof. Bai Rong of his good two handed play.

Do you want to come into contact with the new instructor Jonn van Schoot you can go to