Thursday, August 1st, 2013

2013 July Prof. Bai Rong in Europe


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Prof. Bai Rong with a high-grade official delegation from the City of Jinzhong will come to Europe from July 16th till 24th 2013.

The aim is to set up a new city partnership for sport with Hamburg and represent the hometown of Taiji Bailong Ball in Europe. The tour-schedule is as follow:

  • 16.7. – 14:05 Arrival in Hamburg
  • 17.7. Hamburg – Official meetings with the Department for Sport of Hamburg
  • 18.7. Hamburg; Groningen – Meeting with Confucius Institute Groningen
  • 19.7. Amsterdam/Utrecht – Meeting with 2basics B.V. and visit the European Youth Olympic Festival 2013
  • 20.7. Bruxelles
  • 21.7. Paris
  • 22.7. Geneva
  • 23.7. Blatten/Zurich
  • 24.7. – 17:30 Departure from Zurich

If you want to join us at one of the cities above for a Meet&Greet with Prof. Bai Rong, please mail us until 14th of July: