Is it possible to talk about quality in connection with sport? Yes, it is! Take football, for example: The mother of all sports, football has been played for hundreds of years. Thanks to commercialisation and mass media coverage, even non-experts are able to tell good players from less skilful players. Everyone has heard of legendary stars like Pelé and modern heroes like Lionel Messi.

The sport of Taiji Bailong Ball (TBB) is still in its infancy and has not yet been able to attract the same level of media attention or financial support. For outsiders and beginners it is therefore often difficult to appreciate what makes a good player, let alone what makes a good trainer. That the ball doesn’t fall off the racket in TBB Soloplay is only ONE aspect!

The quality of execution in TBB depends on the following factors:

  1. Equipment: What equipment is the player using?
  2. Philosophy: Are the player’s movements in line with the TBB philosophy?
  3. Subject: Am I performing the sequences of movements in an elegant way, taking account of my personal abilities and potential?

The quality of a TBB Trainer can be gauged on the basis of the following factors:

  1. Fun: Does the trainer him-/herself enjoy the sport, and is he/she able to share his/her enjoyment with the people he/she is training?
  2. Philosophy: Does the trainer teach the skills and movements in accordance with the principles of the TBB philosophy?
  3. Methodology: Does the trainer display a wide range of TBB knowledge and skill?

In order to advance towards the vision of TBB as a sport, uniform standards are needed which were set forth from the very beginning in the statement of the TBB philosophy. It is up to each individual player and trainer to promote and demand quality, so that one day TBB will be included in the programme of the Olympic Games.

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