Taiji Bailong Ball is a sport that can serve many different purposes. Because of its fluid and elastic movements it is an optimal health and rehab sport. Children, teenagers and adults with experience of sport love the dynamic, swinging moves. People in wheelchairs looking for a gentle way of getting some exercise and keeping fit can incorporate some of the elements of TBB into their programme. There is so much room for creativity, especially when following the rhythm and the tune of one’s favourite music.

Playing Taiji Bailong Ball can have many positive effects on your physical constitution and your mental well-being. If you follow the basic principles as defined by Prof. Bai Rong, you will soon activate your cardio-respiratory system. After only five minutes you will notice that your whole body has become agreeably warm. After 15 minutes you will start to perspire in a pleasant way. These are clear indications that the circulation of blood and oxygen is being stimulated in an optimal way by Taiji Bailong Ball. The sport’s typical movements – the extension of the limbs and torso, and the spiralling turns – lead to a continuous positive stimulation of the inner organs.

Soloplay requires your full concentration on yourself, on your own movements and on your environment, thus dispelling all troublesome or wayward thoughts. As you play, you are continually reminded to concentrate on the here and now, otherwise you will drop the ball! The ball and the racket serve as mediators through which you sense your own body and your own movements. Both variations of Taiji Bailong Ball help to sharpen your faculty for spatial perception and your sense of space and time.

The conscious suppression of the urge to hit, coupled with the unconscious yielding motion in every swing during Multiplay, gradually trains you to adopt a dialectical way of thinking when attempting to overcome problems and conflicts. A physical attitude characterised by aggression, apathy and stubbornness is replaced by one of composure, motivation and openness.

Already after only a short period of practice, especially under the guidance of a qualified trainer, everyone can start to experience the fun and the enjoyment of playing Taiji Bailong Ball.

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