Prof. Bai Rong The originator of the game, Prof. Bai Rong, was born in 1964 in Taigu district, in the Shanxi province of the People’s Republic of China. With his tall stature (1.84m – just over 6 ft.) and his athletic physique, it was not surprising that, in his youth, he was chosen to be trained for competitive sport. For a long time he played volleyball for his district and his city, but never advanced to a higher professional level. In 1980 he enrolled for a degree course in sports sciences at Shanxi University. After graduation, he embarked on a career as a sports lecturer at the School for Health Professions in the city of Jinzhong.

Prof. Bai in gaming As part of his work, but also as a hobby, he trained numerous boxers who won medals at provincial championships (comparable to the national championships of the EU states). In the course of his boxing training programme, Prof. Bai developed a kind of “airbag boxing glove”. This glove was filled with the bladder of a volleyball, which itself was filled partly with water and partly with air. The purpose was to absorb the impact of the punches during training, like an airbag. But this water-air-glove also inspired the invention of Taiji Bailong Ball.

Prof. Bai with certified Trainers 2007 At the end of a training session, the boxers would throw the water-air-glove back and forth to each other. As they did so, they discovered that the glove flew and rolled in a very specific way. They then took woks and used them to swing the glove to and fro. The wok was well suited to controlling the movement of the glove, and with the right application of force it could be used to pass the glove to the next player. This was how the method of Multiplay Taiji Bailong Ball came to be invented!

Prof. Bai at certification ceremony Today Prof. Bai still lives in Jinzhong (Shanxi province) and still works as a professor. When he travels, it is mainly to promote the further development and dissemination of his “baby”. In 2005 and 2007 Prof. Bai Rong visited the TBBA e.V. in Europe. He is Honorary President of the TBBA e.V. and is responsible for supervising the system whereby TBB players can obtain professional qualifications as trainers and instructors.

Prof. Bai with instructors Prof. Bai Rong is a down-to-earth, sweet-tempered person who always finds something to laugh about. His mere presence in a room is enough to spread calm, joy and contentment. He loves music, and especially modern classical music.

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