Taiji Bailong Ball (TBB) as a sport is played in two variations: Soloplay and Multiplay.

In Soloplay the player “dances” with the racket and the ball. The aim is to give the ball just the right amount of momentum so that, thanks to centrifugal and centripetal forces, it appears to defy gravity and “stick” to the racket. Ideally, Soloplay is performed to music, allowing your creativity free rein… as long as you don’t drop the ball! Soloplay includes the following disciplines:

  • TBB Soloplay Standard Forms: fixed sequences of movements, with music and instructions.
  • TBB Soloplay Freestyle: freely improvised sequences of movements accompanied by music of your choice.
  • TBB Soloplay Formation: Soloplay in a group, performing either the standard forms or freestyle.

In Multiplay the players – or partners – play the ball back and forth to each other in accordance with the TBB principles and philosophy. Hitting the ball is not allowed. Merely scooping the ball with the wrist or smashing the ball down with the arm is regarded as inelegant and incorrect style. The swinging movement, from the moment the ball is received to the moment it is released, should be clearly recognisable as a single movement. The swing techniques are divided into three categories: basic, hidden and advanced. Multiplay includes the following disciplines:

  • TBB Multiplay Freestyle: without any limitations, the ball is passed between at least two players, who are free to incorporate soloplay freestyle elements.
  • TBB Multiplay Co-operative: co-operative multiplay is played on a TBB court over a net 1.75m high; the two partners have 2 minutes in which to score as many points as possible based on the difficulty of the techniques used and the standard of their execution.
  • TBB Multiplay Competitive: competitive multiplay is played on a TBB court over a net 1.75m high; the two players (singles) or two teams (doubles) play against each other, trying to score points and win sets as in badminton and tennis (though with a different philosophy).

For more information, see “The Association – Rules of Play”.

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