Aims & purpose

Our long-term vision is to have Taiji Bailong Ball (TBB), with all of its disciplines, included in the Olympic Games. We have made it our mission to establish TBB beyond the borders of China, adhering to the principles laid down by its originator, Prof. Bai Rong. We will work towards this goal for as long as it takes until the necessary structures have been put in place to file an application for TBB to be officially recognised as an Olympic sport.

Our goal is to create permanent organisational structures in the EU member countries and in the United States. This entails the establishment of national TBB associations and the publication of clear scoring guidelines for competitions in all TBB disciplines. Another objective is to organise presentations of TBB at major international sports events. An elite squad of expert players is being formed and trained for this purpose.

One indispensable instrument for accomplishing our goals and our vision is the standardised trainer qualification, which seeks to make the sport accessible everywhere, transcending national borders and language barriers. As well as overseeing the certified trainer course, the TBBA is also responsible for coaching competition umpires and judges.

The aims of the TBBA can thus be summarised as follows:

  • Training and availability of qualified trainers and assistant trainers – quality assurance of Prof. Bai Rong’s know-how and the Taiji Bailong Ball philosophy
  • Representation of the interests and trainers and players vis-à-vis third parties
  • Compilation and publication of TBB-related literature and media – communication with the public, associations, trainers and players
  • Close collaboration with sports associations, working within their structures – broad-based recognition of TBB
  • Organisation and publicising of Taiji Bailong Ball practice sessions for the general public – development of Taiji Bailong Ball as a widely practised leisure sport
  • Organisation of tournaments and championships
  • Development of worldwide marketing channels

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